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Our offer

We help our customers to build the IT-foundation for their digital transformation

Experiences, know-how, best practices and competencies structured in a ready made concept to provide organisations with a full team of skilled IT professionals

To digitally transform your business, you need to make sure that you have a digital backbone that enables connectivity, both between internal and external resources.

Our Cloud offering spans from supporting the beginning of a cloud journey to taking full responsibility of any cloud environment.

Data comes in different formats, speed, quality and volumes of it. To be able to extract business value from all this you need a platform that is flexible enough to handle all your data, both present and in the future. 

With fullstack developers, DevOps engineers and architects with various expertise we can undertake a full service assignment to fulfil customer requirements, or offer experts within specific areas to ensure success in customer initiatives.

DevOps delivers value! Organisations have improved their software development and delivery using DevOps methods for years now. Not only does DevOps improve daily working life, but also the organisation’s performance, revenue, profitability and more. It's no longer a trend, but a standard way of software development and operations.

Use our ”Digital Ready” model to make sure that your organisation has the right capabilities in place to support your digital innovation vision. Avoid tech investments and make sure to invest in true digital transformation.
We help our customers to build the IT foundation for their digital innovation journeys. An important part of this mission is to ensure that customers makes the right choices and decisions when it comes to chosen architecture and methodologies to meet future opportunities and requirements.
Automation is when you use technology to perform a task with no or with reduced human assistance.
IT infrastructure covers hardware, software, networks, and everything you need to run your IT systems. This includes servers on premise or in a cloud, all kinds of network equipment, laptops, applications and mobile devices. In short, every piece of technology - both the software and the hardware it runs on. It includes software-defined, cloud, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), composable, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.
Why use valuable time and resources on maintaining IT? We deliver bespoke managed IT services for customers with high demands on service quality, availability and a high rate of change. 
Regardless what type of service you are providing to your customers, the customer will be in the center of your business. With digitisation and well informed customers, the demand for not just providing a good product, but the right product to the right customer at the right time is increasing!

"Think big – Act small – Scale fast" A lightweight approach to implement API and integration solutions, developed by Redpill Linpro in cooperation with customers.


Our instructors help you master key tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, automation with Ansible, containerization with Openshift, Puppet, PostgreSQL and more.

Technologies and competencies