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Intranets and Portals

When going digital and digitizing a lot of content you can expect users and employees of your organisation to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of documents and other digital assets that suddenly become available.

Making advanced document management capabilities available

To keep your workforce and fellow employees effective you must make it easy for them to filter information and make available only the information that is important for the individual user or the role he/she represents.

To solve this challenge we have, together with our customers, designed a co-worker portal and document management solution based on leading Open Source tools Drupal and Alfresco. The foundation for the solution is very simple – make advanced document management capabilities available for the ones who needs it (producers of content) and simplify access and search for those who needs access to content (consumers),

In our solution for the digital workplace we have made this possible by creating a web based co-worker portal that based on your role gives you access to relevant content. The co-worker portal is powered and fed by documents that are being managed through the Alfresco ECM platform, which gives users access to advanced document management capabilities. This way the right content is published to the right audience and those in need of document management capabilities have it in front of them – easy and simple as it should be in digital world.

Welcome to contact us to discuss on how you can utilise our solutions for role based distribution of digital content and advanced content management capabilities.



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